About Ben

I bring over a decade of real world experience in sales, marketing, business operations, and small-to-large business consulting. I founded and ran a small business consulting firm based in Phoenix, AZ.

I was the founder and CEO of a national internet marketing firm based in Minnesota. I also consulted for two Fortune 500 companies in AON and Cendant. While with Cendant I consulted multi-billion dollar companies across the country on how to better sell, market, and retain customers. I was the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Taxback, LLC, which was the first national tax amending company that marketed via independent distributors in the country.

I use my expertise in human behavior, marketing, sales and the internet to consult one-on-one with every business entrepreneur who wishes to have me as a true business mentor. I have a real passion to make every independent business owner out there as professional, efficient, profitable, and as successful as they ever wanted to be. I have made a six-figure annual income in the business world since I was just 25 years old and haven’t looked back. My goal is to annually make 7-figures in the next few years on the internet working from home.

My job is helping you succeed plain and simple. This objective produces happy and satisfied business owners from coast to coast and worldwide as well.


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